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French toast and bacon cupcakes: Portland

17 May

These turned out great, but I think I’ll reserve these only for special occasions from now on. I was a little bacon-ed out by the time they were finished off (not that I ate them all myself). They were indeed delicious, but I just knew biting into one that it was not good for me.  Still, who can resist both maple syrup and bacon in one recipe? I’ll be making pancakes very very soon.

My mom told me that the Internet told her that baking bacon on foil in the oven is an easy, less messy way to cook it, so that’s what I’ve been doing for a while now. I like it because I end up like less of a greasy mess, as opposed to the skillet method.

After whisking the dry ingredients together (I cut back significantly on the nutmeg, after remembering some previously unfortunate over-spicing incidents), I added the eggs, half and half, etc. and beat it.

LOOK AT THAT GLORIOUS BACON. (Sadly, the second batch that I did, I burned. Dang you, multitasking.)

But look at that glorious bacon in that glorious batter.

I was pretty pleased with how these turned out (a bit more like muffins in texture than I was expecting, but equally delicious). The frosting could have been a bit less melty, so perhaps next time I’ll make some adjustments on the frosting front. I’m sure we all remember the whoopie pie incident.