About Cats and Commas

Once upon a time, Nora and Hannah got randomly assigned to live together. Fortunately, both of them are awesome, and a friendship was forged. In 2011 (after a good while of living together in a dorm room and a very old house), they moved to separate places. To be “adults.” Or whatever.

When they lived together, they cooked together (and for each other) regularly. And, you know what? They miss that. It turns out that now that they don’t live in the same city/state, baking together is difficult. But what’s this?…Oh, hello Internet. Every other week, they’ll bake the same recipe, then see how it turned out in two different kitchens.

Cooking with Hannah and Nora is a little bit like this.



(Nora, left; Hannah, right.)
About Hannah

Colorado half of former Oregon roomates. Recent Brooklyn transplant. Scientist, feminist, cupcake aficionado. Irish step dancer, once and always. Cat lady. Hopeful medical school candidate (please, please, please). Everything I know about love, I learned from Mulder and Scully. Josh Lyman is my imaginary boyfriend.

About Nora

Oregon half of a former roommate duo. Editor, pie crust creator, trail explorer, Midwesterner at heart, bike commuter, sewing and knitting enthusiast, bookworm, professional nerd.


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