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Greek Yogurt and Honey Pie: Portland

20 Apr

I remember falling in love when Hannah made this treat last year, and my attempt didn’t disappoint. It was super simple to make, a delightfully light springtime dessert. BUT I totally failed to properly photo document this one.

Here’s some insight into my life. Because I’m a journalist, I’ve gotten into this awful, awful habit of multitasking for everything, which means I can’t just do one thing at a time. Hence, I tend to bake and talk on the phone to my mom, etc. So I apologize for the dearth of photos because of my inordinate distraction. I swear I actually followed all the directions.

The only “trouble” this recipe gave me was that the graham cracker crust (gasp, I’ve never made one before) came out more crumbly than I expected. Perhaps I should use MORE BUTTER next time. Obviously, that is the solution to every baking problem.

And of course, my good old oven made the crust super brown (also could have been because I left it in too long — curse you, multitasking).

Here’s the delicious yogurt-cream mixture before going into the crust to set. I found it incredibly ingenious that it’s basically a Jello dessert without the crazy fruit flavors. Perhaps my favorite part of this recipe was folding the yogurt into the whipped cream. It’s oddly relaxing.

The result? Glorious!

And here’s a slice. Geez, the light in my house was really poor today. I guess that’s what you get in an Oregon spring.

Also, I just want to share with Hannah how much I love her Christmas (newspaper apron and oven mitt) and birthday (set of Wizard of Oz tumblers) presents.