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Apple Galette: Portland

14 Sep


Sadly, these photos are not the best. But this galette was. The reason for the photos is simple: My memory card decided to cease functioning not five minutes before I started baking. The reason for the galette is also simple: This uncomplicated recipe let the apples shine through, complemented by a buttery crust and little sugar or spice. I decided to go free-form with Hannah’s apple tart challenge, as I’ve always been intrigued by the idea, and deliciously pretty presentation, of a galette.

imageI started with what turned out to be way too many darn apples for one galette (see below)…

image…which I later turned into applesauce by adding some of the glaze we were instructed to make (by simmering the reserved apple cores and peels in sugar water for about 30 minutes). I used honeycrisps, as the recipe recommended, and I ended up really liking them.

imageAndrew was in charge of the crust, which I proceeded to almost ruin by giving him too much butter. He pointed out that 6 Tbsp. is not the same as one stick, and we added more flour accordingly to make the dough less buttery and easier to roll out. Still, I had the same troubles as Hannah, in that my dough kept cracking in places. I may go back to my go-to crust recipe, which includes a bit of vinegar. That gives it a more cohesive and more malleable texture. (Also included with this recipe is Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Pie…mmmmmm.)

imageFinally, when the ginormous stack of apples was assembled and ready to go (and after wrestling, yes wrassling) with the crust, we started layering the apple slices.


Last year, around Thanksgiving, I finally learned how to properly crimp a pie crust, thanks to the tutelage of the Internet. Because this dough was prone to cracking, I decided to use this method to make it stick together and look at least slightly put together.


This turned out to be the perfect prelude to fall, with its just-right temperature, apples and pumpkins galore, and my favorite part: soup. Served warm with Tillamook vanilla ice cream, this recipe won my approval.