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Pita bread: Portland

5 Jun

I might never buy pita bread again. This was such an easy recipe (meaning not too time-consuming for a yeast bread), and the results were pretty much better than any store-bought pitas I’ve ever encountered. One note before we continue: You’ll notice that toward the end, the pictures get pretty low-def. That’s because my camera died, and my phone had to suffice. Cause evidently I cannot keep any of my electronics charged lately.

Above are the most important (and pretty much only) ingredients (minus the sugar for the yeast).

First, we dissolve some yeast in water and sugar, y’know, so the pitas puff into a pocket when they bake.

Next, we add the flour SLOWLY and use a dough hook to knead it into an elastic dough. Lesson: DO NOT accidentally turn mixer to high speed. Flour everywhere.

Now to let it rise. An hour and a half later and you’re done. So, confession time: This is actually the second batch I started. The first, I started, left to rise, and then ran out of time. So it sat on the top of my fridge for two days before I decided to trash compost that crap (this is Portland after all). What is the point of this story? Oh yes, I’m pretty sure my first batch rose a little higher than this one. Did it affect the quality of the bread? If I knew more about food science, I would probably be able to answer this question.


Nothing is more satisfying and sometimes frustrating than rolling out dough. It was super easy to work with, though (poetry).

And after taking practically no time at all to bake (I had to keep a super close eye on them, and some of them still got a bit too chewy), they were puffed and golden.

I’m pretty proud of how these turned out. And I’ve been eating them for lunch all week (not gobbling them all at once like I usually do with things I make), so that’s a positive development.


Pita Bread: Denver

23 May

Well, after Skyping with Nora for about 10 minutes before her phone died, I decided to take the extra time I have to MAKE PITA BREAD! I was feeling pretty apprehensive about this one, because my thought was: if it is good, I will never stop making it and then I will turn into one giant pita. I really, really like pita bread.

Alley-oop. I didn’t even take any photos of the mixing because it was so quick. I only made a few changes to my source recipe: instead of sugar, I used honey (just to see what would happen), and I used one cup of whole-wheat flour with two-and-a-half cups white/unbleached flour. SIDE NOTE: in my bag of whole-wheat flour, I found my missing 1/2-C measuring cup! It’s been gone for AGES and I had no idea where it was (or how I’d lost it, because it is not really something I take out of my kitchen). Clearly, it’s been too long since I’ve used my wheat flour hahaha.

Here’s my finished dough, pre-rise:


And post-rise:



Little dough balls:



Aaaaaand into the oven they go. It looked like Sydney used a pizza stone to bake hers, but let’s be honest about how broke I am! I used a cookie sheet with some┬áparchment. Ghetto fab, y’all!


I am still not really sure how these know to puff into pillow shapes. I guess there are some things we’ll never know, right? Like magnets…how the fuck do THOSE work?



These turned out DELICIOUSLY. They were crispier than pitas I’ve bought in stores, but I liked that. And when they are fresh out of the oven? Heaven. I think I will probably make these a ton in the future…They’re much cheaper than buying them, were easy, and are tasty. I tried mine with both hummus (good) and honey (good) on top. The honey in my dough gave them a subtle honey taste (who’d have thunk it?) and the whole wheat flour gave them a really nice texture. Win!