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Challenge #21: Apple Charlotte

24 Feb

While visiting Julia Child’s kitchen at The Smithsonian last month (which finally happened on our visit to D.C.), Hannah and I watched a video of Julia making Apple Charlotte¬†with chef Jacques Pepin, part of a PBS special. I used to watch Julia Child when I was a kid, but I hadn’t really watched any of her shows since then (Julie and Julia does not count).

The visit to the Smithsonian was one of the highlights of the trip for me. And because I’ve never made a Charlotte before, I propose we try our luck with Apple Charlotte. As Julia says, trust nothing but a golden delicious for this dessert.

I found Julia Child’s master recipe in the book “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom,” which I’ve referenced before. But I also found a few versions from other sites. I like to compare recipes so I can pick and choose elements if I like. We’ll see which one I end up referring to the most.

  • One version is from the blog “Downton Abbey Cooks,” which I immediately love the idea of (and it has a lovely Earl Grey creme anglaise recipe).
  • The second is an easier skillet version from Jacques Pepin (who we saw cooking with Julia) on the Food & Wine website.
  • The third recipe is Apple Charlotte a la Julia Child.
  • The fourth is a pan version from Real Simple.
  • (Also, in my Internet quest for Apple Charlotte-related things, I found¬†THIS. I’m both confused and enchanted.)

The really interesting part of this recipe, I think, will be determining what to bake it in. Typically, this dish is made in a Charlotte pan, which I don’t own. I suspect I’ll end up using a 13×9 pan or my 9×9 pan, but who knows. I might get creative.