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(Brains’) Cornflake-Chocolate Chip Mallow Cookies: Portland

17 Aug

First off, Happy Birthday, Brains! (That’s what I call our friend Blaine who lives in Chicago. Other aliases include Beezy, Beez Knees and Balvarez).

These Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow Cookies┬ácan be described in three words: buttery crunchy caramelly. I’m so glad Hannah suggested this recipe. After she said her cookies had turned out kind of ridiculous, I somehow naively thought I would be able to avoid disaster (read: one giant blob cookie). Not so. In hindsight, this recipe requires a bit of tinkering to make it work, which I’ll explain as we go. Once again, this recipe was a another lesson for me in the basics of baking.

I also broke out the Homemade Vanilla Extract for this recipe. It has a very subtle flavor, surprisingly, because the base is vodka. Basically, you put two vanilla beans in some vodka in a dark place and let it sit for 5 months. I made this for Hannah’s birthday, so it’s been waiting since the beginning of February for me to test it.

First in the process was to cream the butter (2 whole sticks?!) and sugar. This is the first place the recipe went awry. Including the Corn Flake Crunch (shown at the beginning of this post), these cookies have 3 sticks of butter, which I hate to say it, is waaaaaaay too much. For the crunch, I would’ve cut the amount by at least half. And in the regular recipe I would’ve either cut the amount of butter, or added 1/4 to 1/2 cup more flour to the cookie dough at the end. This would have given them less of a buttery consistency in the dough itself, and it would’ve made them hold together better after baking.

Here’s the cookie dough with the Corn Flake Crunch, mini chocolate chips and marshmallows mixed in. It looked amazing, but upon molding it into 1/3 cup cookies, it already felt super buttery (greasy even). I naively followed the recipe to the letter, instead of following my instincts.

When I had the cookies all set out, they looked great, but I should’ve guessed they’d be too big and run together in the oven.

Here’s the first batch, which I refrigerated for 2 hours before baking, but I think they needed longer in the fridge and needed to be more spread out because they turned into a giant giant monster cookie.

Below is the final batch of cookies, which I sent to Blaine. These I left in the refrigerator overnight and made sure to space them out enough so they wouldn’t blob together. Still, they were HUGE when they were done. So really, I learned a lot from this (almost failed) recipe:

1) Don’t follow recipes exactly. You have license to improvise and experiment.

2) Use less butter and more flour for more coherent cookies.

3) If in doubt, refrigerate dough for longer so it keeps its shape.

4) Make the cookies smaller rather than larger, and space them out more than you think necessary.

It’s basic, yes, but it’s good to have a recipe that challenges you to think about your methods in a new light. In any case, they tasted great, and I hope Brains enjoyed them!

Happy Birthday, Brains!