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Greek Yogurt and Honey Pie: Denver

24 Apr

Mmmmmmm. That’s really about all I have to say about this recipe.  It is so light and delightful.

I started with the graham cracker crust (I can’t believe that Nora, my queen of midwestern/mid-century baking has never made one!) – I forgot to buy NON-quick-cook oats, which the recipe specifically states you need. Whatever. My crust turned out fine. And yes, as Nora mentioned – butter is what makes this all stick together. Use lots! Here’s my crust pre-butter:

It took way longer for my crust to cool off than I thought it would. This is usually sort of a problem for me – I can never get the timing of recipes quite right. Anyhow, it’s pretty important to have a totally-cooled crust when you’re pitting the filling in, because it’s the chilling that sets the pie. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to cool it off.

About 10 minutes into the crust-cooling (if I did this again, I’d give it 30 minutes into the cooling process), I started my filling. Water in gelatin, yogurt and honey, etc etc. Here it is, happily in its little double-boiler.

Make sure this cools well, too – I put mine out on our chilly balcony – because you really don’t want to melt the cream you’re about to whip.

Speaking of…whipped cream. Be still, my heart.

Fold the cream into the yogurt/honey, and into the crust it goes…


Mine chilled overnight, and turned out perfectly. I took Rainy Day Gal’s advice and served with raspberries. I only have this mediocre iPhone photo from the Boy’s phone, because I forgot my camera when we went over to my parents’ for dinner.


Challenge #11: Greek Yogurt and Honey Pie

5 Apr

The next challenge: an almost no-bake pie that is similar to a cheesecake (but, arguably, better for you).  The recipe  comes from a generally badass blog called Rainy Day Gal. I’ve made this pie once before and it was incredible but left some room in my technique for improvement. My mother is hosting us for “Easter” (Zombie Jesus Day) dinner on Sunday and I thought this would make a lovely spring dessert to take along.