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Challenge #9: Chocolate Espresso Tart

15 Jan

For this challenge, Hannah and I were (surprise, surprise) in the same city, Denver. I went out in January to check out the museums, mountains and mystery of her hometown. We decided because this was a rare opportunity to bake in tandem, we couldn’t pass it up.

I’d gotten Hannah the Martha Stewart “Pies and Tarts” cookbook to complete her trifecta of Martha Stewart baking editions (she also has Cupcakes and Cookies).

We decided to pick something without fresh fruit (not in season) and without booze (heartbreaking, but a bit expensive). We decided on a chocolate espresso tart with ganache and mascarpone cheese.

Check out our next entry, courtesy of Hannah, to see how it turned out.


Chocolate Espresso Tart: Denver

15 Jan

One time, I visited Hannah in Denver, and we made this delicious tart out of Martha Stewart’s new Pies and Tarts book. Here’s a visual journey through the experience. And by the way, the cat hat is tradition.