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Solo project: Tomato tart

5 Sep


Just a quick word about my weeknight dinner experiment: tomato tart.

This sounded like a nice end-of-summer treat, so I bought some cherry tomatoes, made a pie crust and adapted a couple recipes based on what ingredients I had.

Here are the basics.

Pie crust: I’m a crust purist, so I always use an all-butter crust (using Yankee Magazine’s recipe with vinegar, but substitute the shortening for butter). This is also a great tutorial from FoodDay (in The Oregonian) about how to make and flute a pie crust. Bake for 10 minutes and let cool a little before filling.

Filling: I adapted a recipe from “The Oregonian Cookbook” by spreading a layer of Grey Poupon country dijon mustard as the base and substituting mozzarella cheese for chevre (sorry, turophiles — had to look that one up). No eggs or cream involved.

Baking: Halved cherry tomatoes went on top, and it baked for 30-45 minutes, until the tops of the tomatoes got close to caramel and the crust browned a bit.

I was initially worried that the juice from the raw tomatoes would make the tart soggy, but I was pleasantly surprised. A tasty and easy weeknight dinner, I’m sure adaptable for all kinds of vegetables.


Solo project: Berry-almond muffins

4 Aug

As I’ve probably shared before, every couple months I head to the library for some culinary inspiration. This time around, I found “EatingWell in Season,” which features fabulous ways to use your farmers market finds.

It also has a surprising number of baked goods (healthy of course) for each season. The summer section has a recipe for “Berry-almond quick bread,” which I decided to make into muffins.

Using half whole-wheat flour and half white flour, plus brown sugar, gives the bread a caramel, nutty flavor and a thicker texture than your average muffin. Definitely recommended for potlucks and for sharing at work.



Solo project: Madelines!

26 Jul

Solo project: Madelines!

Nora and I have agreed that we are gonna start posting quick (or not so quick) blurbs about solo baking endeavors, so this is my fist whack at that!

Our lovely friend Nicole got me a Madeline pan for my birthday this year and I can’t get them out of my system. They’re basic little egg cakes that are amazing with tea. Here’s a photo of some of the batch I made tonight for my new roommates and landlord.