Pumpkin Whoopie Pies: Portland

6 Nov

As has been well established, I love pumpkin. But I think this may be my last pumpkin foray of the season (well, until Thanksgiving demands a pie). Coincidentally, even though I had four recipes to choose from online, I found a recipe for “Pumpkin Chocolate Whoopie Pies” in this month’s issue of Everyday Food (the Thanksgiving issue was too good to pass up, and there’s actually some pretty good stuff in there). The only thing I was missing for this one was heavy cream, but I left it out, and they turned out tasting fine (albeit a little less airy).

As you can see, I like to bake on Saturdays and watch my Thursday/Friday shows. Here’s David Giuntoli looking sexy in “Grimm,” set and filmed in Portland. If you’re not familiar with the show, the premise (which I’ll admit sounds goofy) is that the Grimm fairy tales are true and happening in real life. It’s a crime drama that’s pretty nerdy, with a hint of cultural and historical literacy.
I used a spoon to shape my pies into something resembling a cookie, but sort of looking like mashed sweet potatoes on a baking sheet. The dough was super easy to mix together, and I very much like drop cookies because they’re so simple.

The frosting, on the other hand, was something of an experiment. I didn’t have all the ingredients to make one of the frosting recipes I found, so I improvised with what I had — marshmallow fluff, cocoa powder, half and half, powdered sugar and caramel. You can see there are some big chunks of caramel floating around, which taste great but are difficult to eat.

The pies turned out well, though near the end I starting making them really huge. Next time, I’ll make sure not to get to carried away with my scooping.

I didn’t assemble them all at once because the frosting was so runny. I figured it would keep me from eating too many anyway if I had to take all that time to frost one. Next time, I’ll probably stick to a recipe for the frosting, as the consistency left much to be desired. A little gooey and messy to eat, but they sure are delicious!
But now that pumpkin season is “over,” it’s time for me to move on to my next seasonal fixation: squash. This week: Spaghetti squash casserole.


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    […] I was pretty pleased with how these turned out (a bit more like muffins in texture than I was expecting, but equally delicious). The frosting could have been a bit less melty, so perhaps next time I’ll make some adjustments on the frosting front. I’m sure we all remember the whoopie pie incident. […]

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