Deep-dish apple tart: Portland

5 Oct

Well, it appears I started this post months ago and forgot to finish it. (Rats!) So, much delayed though it is, I present my attempt at an Amsterdam-style apple tart. All in all, I’d say it turned out pretty well for a first attempt.

photo (7)

Used a combination of apples, including golden delicious and probably gala (honestly, it’s been too long).


Love how cut butter looks before being blended with sugar.

photo (1)

The key, it seems, is dough that’s sturdy enough to hold up in a pie crust-like shape, yet dense enough to be fluffy like cake.

photo (2)

Apples and cinnamon: no better combo

photo (3)

A little egg wash before baking

photo (4)

The top came out wonderfully browned

photo (6)

Not quite the same texture as the piece we ate in Amsterdam, but it was well received at the office and is probably the best-looking baked good I’ve ever made (and mine usually aren’t so aesthetically pleasing), so I’ll call it a victory for Upfish.

photo (8)



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