Pie picks: Belated Pi Day links

5 Apr

Ritz pie crust

I’m only a few weeks late, but for the sake of cataloging some of the best links I stumbled across, here goes.

More than a just number: A Washington Post blog reminds us that Pi Day is also Einstein’s Birthday and that pi is a ratio of the diameter and circumference of a circle. Not as if I needed an excuse, but what better reason to celebrate than with a circular pie?

What a holiday: A Portland freelance writer says that without a complicated past like other holidays, Pi Day should appeal to all. And with a recipe for a blueberry-orange pie, I can’t say I disagree.

Why pi really matters: A Slate piece charts the political history of Pi Day (it’s an official U.S. holiday), the mathematical  history of the number and the scientific significance of the ratio. The true meaning of pi, what it means for physics and explains about the natural world, should get more credit than we give it, says author Joseph Mazur.

Apple pie science: A New York Times graphic outlines the principles behind the recipes, including why we poke holes in a pie before baking and why we let pies cool before eating them.

Tips and tricks: The blog team at Science and Food present 10 things to know about baking pies, including how to make a crispy, brown crust and how chemistry can help explain the process (post originally found here).


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  1. Four pies: Portland (and Bozeman) | catsandcommas - April 5, 2014

    […] pie creation was in honor of Pi Day on March 14, which I’ll write a separate post about to share some links from around the Web. For this pie, I decided on a “use-what’s-in-your-pantry” philosophy, which led […]

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