Bundt Cake: Denver

6 Mar

Wow, ok. Back from my almost three-month hiatus from blogging. Ridiculous!

Part of what made me lag in this post is simply the fact that I totally, completely failed at making a successful Bundt cake on my first attempt. It tasted delicious, but completely shredded when I removed it from the pan. See, as evidence:

bundt fail cake

bundt fail in pan

Tragic, right? BUNDTPOCALYPSE.

That was an orange bundt cake, whose recipe I modified heavily to include buttermilk and tangerine. Maybe I modified it too much? The real issue here, I think, was that I buttered but did not flour the pan. It’s a non-stick pan! Nonsense. Either way, valuable lessons were learned.

The second cake I made was a more traditional lemon Bundt cake. After tangerine failure, I needed something to build my confidence back up, and lemon is probably my favorite flavor to bake with (well, that or almond). This recipe was unusual in that you whip cream and fold it into the batter – something I’ve never done for a cake before. Because I’m  a dolt, I didn’t really take many photos of the baking process – but it was, you know, making a cake. You get the idea.

I like really citrus-y baked goods, so I added extra zest and juice. I also snuck a little orange zest in, for good measure.


This cake turned out marvelously. One little dent in it when it came out of the pan, but it was no repeat of #bundtdisaster, above. That’s what icing is for! It was so rich and moist. It was a little dense, but that’s how Bundt cakes are.

finished no glaze

To finish the cake, I first glazed it (while warm) with lemon juice/confectioners’ sugar, and then (once cooled) I used an icing of heavy cream/confectioners’ sugar/vanilla extract. The heavy cream kept the icing thick, instead of that runny icing you get with milk-based mixtures.

With glaze:

finished glaze

I served this cake at my roommates’ annual “Palentines Day” party, and it was a success. I’d definitely make this recipe again. Glazing the cake before icing it kept the cake moist and stopped the icing from sinking into the cake and making it soggy.

finished iced


2 Responses to “Bundt Cake: Denver”

  1. nredding5588 March 20, 2014 at 7:30 pm #

    It has also been 3 months for me… yikes! Your final bundt cake looks gooooooooorgeous!!!

    • incrediblyhannah March 23, 2014 at 8:57 pm #

      Aw thanks, lady! Easily my best bundt to date.

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