Blondies: Portland

3 Dec

7-Blondie finale

Chewy, chock-full of cinnamon and baked golden. Yes, it’s a snickerdoodle, but it’s not a cookie. After trying out this recipe for snickerdoodle blondies (which Hannah suggested from the Crepes of Wrath), I’m convinced this is the way to go with the classic sugar-cinnamon baked good. And I decided to try this recipe in particular because I wanted something simple and spicy. Not only were these incredibly easy to assemble, but I enjoyed the different texture of the bar versus the cookie. Also, sometimes snickerdoodle cookies can be overly greasy, and I liked that these at least kept the butter hidden. I’ll absolutely make them again.

Hannah made her batch for our friend Chris’ birthday. I sent a package with some different gifts (which were admittedly pretty silly) and some boozy brownies made by our friend Blaine. I made these a few weeks ago but have been procrastinating about doing my post. After baking these, I brought most of them to work to share, and of course I saved one for Blaine, who’s quite the snickerdoodle devotee. He said he liked the taste but that he didn’t care for blondie’s crunchy top. He’ll stick with the classic cookie.

1-Blondie ingredients

The ingredients were incredibly basic. But the thing that makes a good blondie is the brown sugar. That’s what gives it the caramel taste and golden color.

2-Blondie sugar-butter

I cut the butter before creaming it with the brown sugar. Nothing particularly exciting to see here, but I do love the contrast of the textures between the granular sugar and the smooth butter. I’m sure there is some molecular, food science reason for this, but I’m still working on figuring that out. Once I finish Alton Brown’s baking book, I’ll let you know.

3-Blondie dry goods

Dry ingredients were next. If it’s possible, this photo is more mundane than the last.

4-Blondie mixing

Here’s the mixture after the butter, sugar and eggs came together. Then a quick mix with the flour, which initially seemed like way too much but soon got incorporated, and the dough was ready for the pan.

5-Blondie pre-bake

The source recipe calls for parchment paper on the bottom of the pan, but I decided to do without and simply butter the pan amply. Sprinkled cinnamon sugar went on top just before baking.

6-Blondie post-bake

My house smelled so wonderful while these were baking, and they turned out great, all golden brown and beautiful.


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