Blondies: Denver

29 Nov

This is, arguably, my favorite photo taken in the house that Nora and I shared in Eugene, OR, during our Senior year of college.


Our buddy Chris came over on our last day in the house, as Nora was moving up to Portland to be an adult, and I was moving into the loneliest garage-turned-studio-apartment for my last few months in Oregon. The three of us spent a delirious 100 (ok, maybe 9) hours cleaning the place from top to bottom. It was awesome of him to help. It was extremely hot – and our 1912-vintage house had no insulation to speak of – and it was a disastrous mess from the split move. However, Chris showed up early, and we drank some mimosas (his specialty), and we cleaned until we collapsed.


Happy 25th birthday to Chris! I made him some White Chocolate and Cranberry Blondies, which were booooooomb. I used the recipe straight from Crepes of Wrath, and they turned out both pretty/festive (with their cake crumb secret ingredient) and delicious. (Yes. I ate one. My roommates also ate one. I’m sorry, Chris. Now you know.) They were pretty soft, so I hope they arrived in D.C. intact. If not, enjoy the crumbs, and try not to read into them as a metaphor, Chris.


I started by making the cake crumbs. These are basically modified strudel, from what I can tell, with a boatload of rainbow sprinkles. You just mix flour, grapeseed oil, sugar, and flavoring together and bake it until it’s golden.


The rest of the batter was straightforward. Wet ingredients, dry ingredients, fold in the cranberries (I used fresh) and white chocolate chips. Finally, mix in the crumbs.



They baked up beautifully! The sprinkles in the “cake crumbs” added a super-adorable smattering of color, which is why I picked these as a birthday gift.



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