Halloween Cake Pops: Denver

11 Nov


As I write this post, I realize I did a really, really terrible job of taking photos for this assignment! I was prepping for a halloween party as I made them, so I guess the rest of the decorating/cooking was distracting. Valuable lesson here, and I apologize!

I made my cake pops out of 1/2 chocolate cake and 1/2 pumpkin spice cake. Initially, I had planned to do two separate batches, but I ended up mushing both cakes together…Turns out, you really do need to add the frosting slowly – otherwise, your mix is too goopy! This happened to me as I mixed frosting into the pumpkin cake. Since I couldn’t take frosting out, I had to add in more cake. So, I ended up with one big pot of chocolate and pumpkin cake ball goo.


Like Nora mentioned in her post, these took AGES to make. The rolling went by quickly, but the dipping/decorating was a beast. I made purple people eaters a la The Pioneer Woman, and then little ghost faces and skulls. I learned this lesson while making cake pops: man, just spend the money on candy melts!! I bought white chocolate chips (the good Ghirardelli kind!) because they were much cheaper than the packaged candy melt, but the chocolate was WAY too thick to dip. They shredded the first cake pops I tried to dip – even after I thinned the chocolate out using oil. I stopped mid-process to go buy the candy melts after all. Once I did, however, it was pretty smooth sailing!


Overall, my opinion is that they were tasty, but I thought they were too high-fuss. My typical cupcake is prettier and easier to execute well. Still, I’m glad I finally tried making cake pops!



Bonus photo: Here are my current roommates and me at the party! Kelsey and Lillian were the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!” and I was athena (plastic shield and sword not pictured).



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