Challenge: BLONDIES!

11 Nov

Initially, I was going to post a cookie challenge. However, with our impending participation in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013, we’ll have a cookie post within a month anyway!

Nora and I have a friend named Chris (see photo from the trip Nora and I took in January to visit him in Washington, D.C.).

2013-01-16 12.44.41

Chris’ birthday is coming up, and I am on the hunt for a shippable baked good for his birthday care package! In my search, I stumbled upon the thought of blondies, and now I can’t get beyond it. Though I did inherit my paternal family’s penchant for choco-mania, I think blondies are a delicious twist on brownies with a lot of creative potential. Here are some recipe ideas to jump us off.

From Crepes of Wrath:

From Smitten Kitchen:

From Martha:

Bonus: photos from Nora and my trip to D.C.:



Nora and Chris being the Boy Scouts of America monument (a tribute to awkward, naked adult men everywhere):



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