Halloween cake pops: Portland

9 Nov


Happy belated Halloween!

I had a lot of fun creating these cake pops and they were well received at work. But boy did they take a lot of time. I figure I made about 40, and each one took time to roll, dip and decorate.

The easiest part was making the cake. I decided on pumpkin cake (seemed appropriate) and cream cheese frosting. For decoration, minimalist seemed like a good idea, seeing as presentation has never been my strongest suit in baking.


It all started with the standard creaming of sugar and butter, though I think the photos of this process always look pretty.


One problem I had was that I made too much cake in too big a pan. I doubled a cake recipe so it would fit in a 9×13 pan, but that turned out to be way too much cake and it didn’t cook evenly. So the sides and bottom ended up overcooked (brown and kind of dry) and the very top ended up undercooked. But the middle was fine, so I added most of that to the frosting later.


Cream cheese frosting went well with the spicy pumpkin cake.


After the frosting was done, I crumbled the good parts of the cake — I ended up having about half my cake left after I was done — and combined it slowly.


The mixing process took a while, but once the cake and frosting were combined, I ended up with a moldable, vaguely crumbly dough.


It took a good 20 minutes to roll each ball into shape (and because I’m a perfectionist, they had to be perfectly round). Then they went into the freezer to solidify before dipping.


The dipping process was fun, if not entirely tedious. But I learned what not to do if I make cake pops again. In lieu of a double boiler (which I do not own), I used the old bowl over the pot trick. Worked out pretty well.


Because I haven’t made these before, I caved and bought candy melts, but each package didn’t hold that much, so I might try some other coating next time. I discovered how important it is for the cake pops to be really thoroughly chilled when the go into the candy melt, lest they start falling off the stick and breaking. Bakerella’s instructions for dipping were immensely helpful, particularly the note about adding vegetable oil if the candy melt consistency was too viscous for easy dipping.


I had some trouble with the dipping step because, after a while, the candy melts harden pretty quickly, so making the cake pops look pretty got difficult. Few of mine looked completely smooth, and I often had to use a spatula to help cover the whole cake pop.


After dipping, I used some sprinkles to add some extra fall color to these treats. The inside was a little more mushy than other cake pops I’ve seen, which I’ll attribute to the consistency of the cake and the amount of frosting I used.

For a first try, I’m happy with how these turned out. Now on to the cookie challenge!


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