Solo project: Tomato tart

5 Sep


Just a quick word about my weeknight dinner experiment: tomato tart.

This sounded like a nice end-of-summer treat, so I bought some cherry tomatoes, made a pie crust and adapted a couple recipes based on what ingredients I had.

Here are the basics.

Pie crust: I’m a crust purist, so I always use an all-butter crust (using Yankee Magazine’s recipe with vinegar, but substitute the shortening for butter). This is also a great tutorial from FoodDay (in The Oregonian) about how to make and flute a pie crust. Bake for 10 minutes and let cool a little before filling.

Filling: I adapted a recipe from “The Oregonian Cookbook” by spreading a layer of Grey Poupon country dijon mustard as the base and substituting mozzarella cheese for chevre (sorry, turophiles — had to look that one up). No eggs or cream involved.

Baking: Halved cherry tomatoes went on top, and it baked for 30-45 minutes, until the tops of the tomatoes got close to caramel and the crust browned a bit.

I was initially worried that the juice from the raw tomatoes would make the tart soggy, but I was pleasantly surprised. A tasty and easy weeknight dinner, I’m sure adaptable for all kinds of vegetables.


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