Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodles: Portland

8 Nov

Evidently, there is a fine line between gingerbreads and snickerdoodles. Which I crossed. Though my cookies turned out to resemble the former more than the latter, I can’t say I’m unhappy. In fact, these are quite possibly my favorite fall cookies I’ve ever encountered. Half cake, half cookie, they were chewy and rich, with all the pumpkin I could want.

I decided to make these for a Halloween get-together where we supposed to watch scary movies. We ended up watching Peter Jackson’s “The Frighteners.” This is the movie he made right before embarking on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but you’d never know it. I still liked it though. Call it comically campy. Anyway, on to the cookies.

As you might have heard me say before, if it has pumpkin, I’m sold. (See above ingredients.)

First step was to beat the sugar and butter. I am trying to become more patient with letting my butter sit out at room temperature before I am tempted to work with it.

Next the pumpkin and molasses got added to the mix.

Finally, the flour mixture I whisked up earlier (not pictured due to mundane nature of photo) brought it to its cookie consistency.

I liked this recipe especially because it didn’t require time to chill the dough before rolling it, which leaves more time for cinnamon-sugar. Dusting the dough with sugar and cinnamon is probably the best part about making snickerdoodles, which I remember from when Blaine and I have made these before.
Here’s what the baking beauties looked like on the pan. Again, I think I rolled them out too big, and I ultimately didn’t make them flat enough. To my credit, though, they rose a lot as they baked, and they weren’t underdone when I took them out.

Here’s how they turned out. I’m pretty proud of how these look. They’re almost uniform. And notice the indentations on each one.

As I said before, they were more airy and cake-like than I was expecting for snickerdoodles (which are usually more crunchy and buttery), but if it has pumpkin, I’ll eat it.


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