Pumpkin Beer Bread: Denver

28 Sep

I, like Nora, eagerly await the arrival of autumnal baked goods all year. I actually eat canned pumpkin pretty much year-round (I like it in my oatmeal in the mornings) since it’s full of the precursor to Vitamin A (for the science nerds out there, we make it into vitamin A using the enzyme Beta-carotene 15,15′-monooxygenase…thanks, biochemistry!).  However, there’s something extra-special about the spicy smell of pumpkin goods in September. I’ve actually been feeling a little defensive of my love of pumpkin- and other fall-themed items, lately; for as long as I can remember, my mom baked with winter and autumn squashes this time of year, but lately they seem ubiquitous. Pumpkin latte this, pumpkin muffin that. Get off of my bandwagon!

delicous, delicous molasses.


I actually wasn’t crazy about this particular recipe. Like a lot of the comments on the SOURCE RECIPE, I found it to be bland. Here’s the kicker, though: because so many people found it to be bland, I tasted the batter before I got it in a loaf pan – and MAN did it need more spices. I doubled the spice load in the batter, and it still just didn’t taste like much more than nutmeg. Boo! It also came out pretty dense, but otherwise, I liked the texture. It did make my apartment smell incredible, though, I’ll give it that. And…I got to measure beer out in a measuring cup. How often does that happen?

One of the virtues of this recipe is that it is a really, really simple quickbread recipe. I started with my dry ingredients (sorry, I did a dismal job of taking photos on this one).

Then I mixed together my pumpkin, eggs, oil, and spices. I actually decided to replace some of my brown sugar with molasses. I mixed the two together, and it did make a pretty batter.

I made a double batch, because we were planning to head over to some friends’ apartment to celebrate their successful attempt at running more miles than anyone actually thinks is a good idea. They were celebrating by mimosa (as anyone who knows me knows I think is the best way to celebrate anything), so I thought some pumpkin bread would do them well.

I made half of my batter into a loaf:

And half of my batter into muffins.

These took quite a while to bake – almost 10 more minutes than the recipe dictated. Then again, there wasn’t a lot of free liquid in the batter, and I’m at altitude, so maybe that was to be expected.

Once they were cool, I found the muffins to be quite dry (not the recipe’s fault – it was prepped to be baked in a loaf pan!), but they were pretty good reheated in the microwave and with butter. The loaf was moist, though dense, but like I said, I didn’t taste much pumpkin. People at the party didn’t seem to complain, though, so maybe I’m being overly sensitive.

Fortunately, it’s only September, and I still have plenty of time to get seasonal baking out of my system.

Written with the help of my Trusty Sidekick, Yeti.


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