Challenge #17: Apple Galette (or tarte!)

10 Sep

Our next challenge will be this simple apple galette from Smitten Kitchen! This blog is incredible. Seriously incredible. Well… I thought it was a galette at first glance. Upon scrutiny, it appears Smitten Kitchen uses a tarte pan. Oh well. Nora: I challenge you – feel free to try a galette, or make it in a normal pie pan. Up to you!

The recipe also looks incredible. It is autumn, which always vies for my favorite season (it’s a constant toss-up between spring and fall). This means it is apple pie time!

Apple pies! ‘Sco!


One Response to “Challenge #17: Apple Galette (or tarte!)”


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    […] I’ve made, this one worked, but I think for the everyday occasion, I’d prefer a simpler apple tart. Now that spring is here, I’m excited for a new challenge, perhaps one with […]

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