Lemon-lavender scones: Portland

6 Aug

I love scones, but these were better in theory than practice. Turns out, I didn’t like the lavender. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that it wasn’t fresh. World Market had dried lavender, but I think these would have been better if there wasn’t so much concentrated lavender flavor. Maybe I just don’t like lavender. Who knows. In any case, they were still fun to make.

Because I was at Andrew’s place, I didn’t have a proper citrus zester, so I made do with a serrated knife and a little elbow grease.

Cutting butter can be frustrating, but the finished product looks lovely.

Once the lemon and lavender were mixed in, the dough smelled wonderful.

When it came time to form the dough into a circular wedge, it was a bit sticky, so I added more flour to get it to the right consistency.

Then it got cut into eight scone-shaped triangles.

Often I put a little bit of egg on the tops of scones, but this time I left them as is (perhaps out of laziness).

They turned out looking great, but there was too much lavender for my taste. I liked Hannah’s idea of doing plain lemon scones, so I think that’s next on the scone agenda.


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