Lemon (Lavender) scones: Denver

6 Aug
Let me start this post by saying I tried. I really tried. I could not find lavender ANYWHERE. Like, anywhere. I went to both Whole Foods stores in the city. I tried a Trader-Joe’s-like store here called Sunflower Market. The craft store had some, but it didn’t seem edible-quality. I even considered ordering it online! Ultimately, I weenied out and made just plain ol’ lemon scones.
But you know what? They were AMAZING, lavender or no lavender. They were soft and light and lemony and powdery. I heavily modified the recipe from Baking Obsession, but retrospectively, I wish I’d used the recipe from A Passionate Plate that Nora suggested, because I love the idea of using lemon yogurt. So clever!
I started by sifting the flour, salt, and baking powder. I actually just omitted the baking soda and doubled the baking powder (I was out of baking soda, and I generally prefer baking powder anyway).
Then, I zested my lemons. If you have read some of my other blog posts, you will probably remember how much I love citrus zest.
Once I had mine all zested, I actually mixed the sugar in with a spoon – I really ground it up good, to try and get the oil in the zest going. Then I mixed it in with the flour mixture.
I cut the butter in after that. On a side note, I have always loathed cutting butter in. Our friend Chris might recall making a pie a few summers ago and I made him make the crust because I hate cutting butter into pastries so much. It kind of boils down to the fact that I don’t actually own a pastry cutter. I always mean to buy one and then they’re like $16 and I decide to put it off, and then here we are…every damn time! I do it with my hands, even though you aren’t supposed to since it heats the butter up. Sigh.
Then, in went the buttermilk (aka “buttermork” in my household), and yogurt. I found that it was pretty soggy after I’d mixed it together, so I ended up adding a little more flour.
Here we go…into a round:
Then wedges!
I brushed some more buttermork over the wedges, and then added yellow sanding sugar to 1/2 of them and yellow pareils to the other 1/2. Into the oven they went.
After about 25 minutes, they were perfect.
I let them cool, then glazed with a little powdered sugar/lemon juice. And added more sugar or sprinkes. You can’t ever have enough sprinkles.

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