Challenge #14: Lemon-lavender scones

20 Jun

Scones have been my baking staple as of late. They’re simple, tasty and go well with my morning tea/chai.

I recently read Chuck Palahniuk’s book “Fugitives and Refugees,” which gave me all sorts of ideas for things to do around Portland (which I believe Hannah read it once and possibly recommended to me). He also includes a recipe for lemon-lavender scones, which of course I have to try because lemon-lavender is one of my new favorite flavor combinations (after eating a lemon cookie and lavender ice cream sandwich at a Portland shop).

I couldn’t find Palahniuk’s original recipe on the Internet, and I’m too lazy to type it. But I found a couple that look promising.

As usual, we’ll pick and choose elements we like from each and see what happens. Here are the recipes:

Lemon-lavender scones from A Passionate Plate

Lemon-lavender scones with clotted cream and berries from Baking Obsession


One Response to “Challenge #14: Lemon-lavender scones”

  1. Mary Miller July 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

    How did the scone bake-off go? Would love to know if you liked our recipe!

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