Pita Bread: Denver

23 May

Well, after Skyping with Nora for about 10 minutes before her phone died, I decided to take the extra time I have to MAKE PITA BREAD! I was feeling pretty apprehensive about this one, because my thought was: if it is good, I will never stop making it and then I will turn into one giant pita. I really, really like pita bread.

Alley-oop. I didn’t even take any photos of the mixing because it was so quick. I only made a few changes to my source recipe: instead of sugar, I used honey (just to see what would happen), and I used one cup of whole-wheat flour with two-and-a-half cups white/unbleached flour. SIDE NOTE: in my bag of whole-wheat flour, I found my missing 1/2-C measuring cup! It’s been gone for AGES and I had no idea where it was (or how I’d lost it, because it is not really something I take out of my kitchen). Clearly, it’s been too long since I’ve used my wheat flour hahaha.

Here’s my finished dough, pre-rise:


And post-rise:



Little dough balls:



Aaaaaand into the oven they go. It looked like Sydney used a pizza stone to bake hers, but let’s be honest about how broke I am! I used a cookie sheet with some parchment. Ghetto fab, y’all!


I am still not really sure how these know to puff into pillow shapes. I guess there are some things we’ll never know, right? Like magnets…how the fuck do THOSE work?



These turned out DELICIOUSLY. They were crispier than pitas I’ve bought in stores, but I liked that. And when they are fresh out of the oven? Heaven. I think I will probably make these a ton in the future…They’re much cheaper than buying them, were easy, and are tasty. I tried mine with both hummus (good) and honey (good) on top. The honey in my dough gave them a subtle honey taste (who’d have thunk it?) and the whole wheat flour gave them a really nice texture. Win!


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