King Cake: Portland

4 Apr

This Mardi Gras, I learned that “King Cake” is secret code for “giant donut.” Because that’s what mine ended up looking like. And it made a ton of food, so much in fact that I had to force myself to stop eating it and give some to my neighbors already before I turned into a giant donut.

But first things first: yeast. One of the best ways to begin a baked good.

Now to mix the other ingredients for the bread cake. Orange makes everything taste lovely, so I was pleased this recipe called for it.

Once everything got together all nice and doughy, it was time to rise.

My favorite part of this whole thing, though, was the filling. I substituted amaretto for the bourbon, which complemented the pecans well. I’m a sucker for almond-flavored anything, so this was great.

Lining the snakelike dough with the filling proved a bit challenging, but it came together once I added some water to seal the thing shut.

Then I let it rise again in preparation for the final baking call.

Once it was done baking, it looked like a giant bagel, but I soon remedied that with lots of icing and sanding sugar.

Once I finished decorating, I realized it looked just like something Homer Simpson would dream up. But it tasted delicious. I do agree with Hannah that the cake itself turned out a bit dry, but my filling made up for it. Admittedly, though, I did not use enough sanding sugar.


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