Orange Chocolate Brownie Cookies with M&Ms: Portland

17 Nov

Call me a cookie convert. For the longest time I had eschewed making cookies because I considered them time-intensive and associated them mainly with roll cookies. But drop cookies are awesome, and these are some of the best homemade cookies I’ve ever had.
The orange peel, cocoa powder and M&Ms combine to taste just like a chocolate orange that St. Nicholas used to leave in my stocking every Dec. 6. They’re quite perfect for holiday baking, and they made me feel quite nostalgic.

Here we have our standard wet-dry separation, followed by integration (I’m trying to get better at framing these cooking shots in a more interesting manner, hence the close-ups).

I used an ice cream scoop to form the cookies, and it worked almost perfectly. Though I might make them a bit smaller next time (story of my life). But on the cookie sheet before baking, they looked pretty delicious. And like usual, I saved a bit of the cookie dough for later.

While I waited for these chocolate orange delights to bake into brownie beauties, I took part in my latest entertainment enterprise: watching all 100 movies on AFI’s Top 100 movies list. It’s not that grand of an undertaking, though, as my parents had me watching and appreciating classic movies since I was old enough to stay awake for an entire film.
During this baking experience, I watched “All About Eve,” a drama about an aging actress who befriends a young fan and in the process, struggles with her relationships and career. The plot’s not really the important thing, though; it’s the characters.
After 15 minutes in the oven (and only a little disaster), they’re gooey like a brownie, crunchy like a cookie and taste like Christmas.


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