Orange Chocolate Brownie Cookies with M&Ms: Denver

13 Nov

This is about to be the shortest and dullest blog post in the history of the world. My camera is broken, and without thinking, I made these cookies while The Boy was at work, so I didn’t have any photo-taking apparatus – and I just didn’t even think about it! There is one picture of the finished product. So….yeah. Sorry about that.

These cookies were ultra simple to make, and turned out DELICIOUSLY. I followed all the instructions, though I gotta tell you: I was suspicious of the melted butter. I thought it was going to make my cookies like hard little rocks. WRONG. They turned out the right mix of chewy and fluffy and crunchy.

I was also almost too lazy to put the orange zest in. I mean, zesting a whole orange? You gotta be kidding me. What am I, some kind of freaking ZEST MACHINE? (Zesting anything is not that hard – I was just having a SUPER lazy day).  I am so glad that I added the zest, though, because the orange-ness was definitely the best part of these cookies. My batter was a bit dry at the end, too, so I juiced the orange and added that in, too. dee-lish,

The cookies turned out very well, and are on their way to the University of Wyoming as we speak. Here’s a picture of the afore-mentioned care package!

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