Challenge #6: Orange Chocolate Brownie Cookies with M&Ms

7 Nov

I feel bad picking this, since my last pick was also a cookie recipe, but I need some sturdy, delicious cookies to pack in a care package to my friend Shelby, who is a freshman at the University of Wyoming this year. I remember living in a dorm room, and though I secretly kind of enjoyed it, nothing made a day better than a care package. Plus, shelby’s had roommate issues – something I never really had a problem with (see photo evidence below of Nora and I enjoying roommatehood freshman year, and then one from our house four years later).

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

This time, we’re making Orange Chocolate Brownie Cookies with M&Ms. This sounds a bit like gilding the lily, I think, but Shelby has a sweet tooth (and so do I). The recipe is from probably my favorite cooking blog of all time, so you should explore around the Crepes of Wrath and fall in love with it, too.


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