Pumpkin Gingerbread Cookies: Portland

27 Oct
When October hits, I go absolutely crazy about pumpkin and it seems like inspiration is around every corner. Especially now that I have time to bake this fall without being in school, I’m putting pumpkin into practically everything. Let’s take a quick look at how pumpkin as figured into my kitchen the past week.
  1. Pumpkin chili with curry (delicious with cilantro and sour cream)
  2. Pumpkin latkes (worked fine, but pumpkin flavor got lost)
  3. Pumpkin gingerbread cookies (amazingly crisp and delicious)
  4. Pumpkin seeds roasted with olive oil and curry powder (homemade, of course)
  5. Pumpkin spice tea (Republic of Tea let me down; wasn’t as good as I thought)
And that’s not even counting another seasonal favorite: apples. In one day, my entire diet consisted of pumpkin and apple-related entrees.
But enough of my pumpkin zealotry. On to the baking.

Can you spot the secret ingredient? (Hint: It’s always Tillamook butter.)

After your standard separate mixing of the dry and wet ingredients, I used my makeshift rolling pin (aka the baking spray can) to roll the dough into a lovely circle. I was amazed at the consistency of this dough. Although it said to chill for 2 hours, I probably went for 1 and it turned out just fine. No doubt, it had to be the pumpkin.
The fun part of cookies is always cutting them out and decorating them, though truth be told, this is also why I rather dislike making cookies except for every once or twice a year. But this time I got to roll out my new Halloween cookie cutters, and I can’t wait to do this same with the giant Christmas set Hannah gave me a couple years ago. Like I said, for me, cookies are seasonal.

This batch made a ton of cookies, and I secretly kept some of the dough in the fridge for me to nibble on (cause it was just as good as the actual cookies). While I let them cool after baking (kudos to me on finally figuring out the gas oven temperature situation and actually devoting enough time to look after my baking), I started on the icing. I also scoped out this set of Halloween/fall sprinkles, which I suspect will last me for years.

Because I took most of the cookies to work, I only frosted the top four in my tupperware, but Eileen helped frost and sprinkle some for the house. We ate many a cookie at home, and at work, all the copy editors (who really love food) goblined them up (yes, a pun).


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