Sucre a la Creme: Denver

12 Oct

Full disclosure: I am dating a French Canadian man.  This provides for a fair amount of joke fodder (think: mooses and Mounties) and he is, overall, a good sport about my Canada teasing. Not that he doesn’t bring it on himself sometimes: this last weekend, I had to wait with my pancake batter for him to go out and get some maple syrup, because we were out of it and powdered sugar simply would not do.  ANYWAY, my personal life is beside the point. The point is: when Nora and I lived together, I always had backup on my Canada jokes, and I miss her sassy style.

Actually, I realized as I was cooking it that Sucre A La Creme is actually the filling of a Québécois dessert that the Boy has made me before: Sugar Pie.  The first time I had sugar pie, I realized that it was basically pecan pie without the pecans – so, basically, the best food ever.  However, based on the Québécois cuisines I’ve eaten so far, it is a mystery to me how French Canadians don’t have the world’s highest rate of heart disease.

My fudge was gooey, and that’s also a mystery, because I was sure to let it boil long and hot enough. I wonder if I added too much evaporated milk – it comes in 12 oz. cans here, and the recipe called for 5 oz, so I eyeballed it.  No matter what it was that went wrong, my Sucre A La Creme was a little goopy. This is not to say that  I am above eating it with a spoon…ha.  It would make a good ice cream topping.  It just didn’t cut into nice, clean, squares the way I wanted it to.

I melted some glorious butter:

Image Hosted by

And then I added the rest and let it all boil together. This went smoothly but I forgot to take pictures because I was busy thinking about my brand-spanking-new golden pan that I had just purchased:

Image Hosted by

Then, presto! It was ready to go in the pan.

Image Hosted by

While it was taking the first fifteen-minute chill, I enjoyed the scalding hot spoils of my whisk, and then decided to start on a pomander, because it just isn’t autumn without these lovlies hanging around the house.

Image Hosted by

It’s too bad it didn’t turn out perfectly, but it was still delicious.  Mmm!


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