Sucre a la Creme: Portland

10 Oct

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to one and all!
And what easier way to celebrate than brown sugar, butter and cream melted into a delicious maple concoction, then mixed with more sugar and left to set.

The most difficult part, and I mean only part where I needed to pay attention, was the stage at which you bring the brown sugar, butter and evaporated milk to a boil — and then boil for almost 10 minutes, stirring constantly.
I’ve never really worked with sugar-butter syrups before, so this was a new consistency of sauce for me. Things got a bit messy, as I sloshed and spilled, inevitably, all over the st
ove, but smelling that syrup come together was worth the time and the cleanup.
And after it’s done boiling, all it needs is to chill out for 15 minutes in the fridge (you can tell it’s fall because everything in my house is pumpkin something or other).
Once again, the French (Canadians) know how to make me happy (hint: it’s with butter).

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