Margarita cupcakes: Portland

26 Sep
Commence pseudo-tandem baking. Sadly, I’m not as good at remembering to take photos all the way through, but I’ve got some real artsy shots of tequila bottles and such. I decided to fall back on Grey’s Anatomy and catch up on the new season (it’s ridiculous as ever, but I can’t help myself).
Now for the baking part.
Step 1: Buy some (marginally) acceptable tequila at a store where they don’t let you behind the counter but make it look like you might be able to and have no signs telling you otherwise (lesson learned).
Here’s the pre-baking spread.
You’ll notice I’m using a lovely set of silicone baking cups from World Market, part of HJ’s graduation gift to me. They’ve been super useful, easy to use and make the perfect portion for cupcakes or muffins. I’ll show you more about why I love them later.
Put the dry ingredients in one bowl, wet in the other. Standard.

This bowl set was an awesome investment, though sadly, I cracked the green one the other day while doing dishes. In any case, mixed some stuff together.

So after a few minutes of beating up the batter, they went into the wee baking cups, and 20 minutes later, cupcakes! And look at the awesome shape from those silicone molds. I still need to master the hot spots on them because I’m still learning how to cook with a gas range, but they work pretty well. No need for muffin cups, either.

The frosting was a lot more buttery, airy, and thin than I’m used to with buttercream, but it seemed to work really well for this. And I decided to use my cake decorating set to make them look fancy fancy.
Next time I bake with tequila, I’m thinking tequila sunrise cupcakes, for sure (and by the way, I’ve never encountered this cooking blog before, but it looks amazing).

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